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  • OpenDNS Home,,
  • Google,,
  • Level3,,
  • Comodo Secure DNS,,
  • DNS Advantage,,
  • Norton ConnectSafe,,
  • GreenTeamDNS,,
  • SafeDNS,,
  • OpenNIC ,,
  • Public-Root,,
  • SmartViper,,
  • Dyn,,
  • FreeDNS,,
  • censurfridns.dk,,
  • Hurricane Electric,
  • puntCAT,

To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

That is, unfortunately, not the question. The question one should ask oneself is do I know the risk and how to mitigate those risk? June 2010 edition of Consumer Reports has an article on seven things that one should not to do on Facebook. You might also want to read my previous article on this evil incarnate.

And although Dan Yoder just recently wrote a nice article on top ten reasons to quit Facebook. I do not entirely agree with him. One can still use facebook to connect with friends as it was original intended, provided that you know what to do. And that is, to;

  1. Create one fake profile and an email account associated with it. And do not post any of your real information.
  2. Manage your privacy so application won't be able to harvest information from you or your friends. See the article here on how to do it

For you who still wish to use Facebook my advice is to follow those guides and enjoy yourself, and to those who has stopped, I have nothing to offer to you anymore and those who has never even use Facebook before, you don't know what you are missing.

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