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Drupal 6 Released!

Holy F**k! It's finally out! Drupal 6 is out! For me it's like having a new play thing. Too bad though… I don't have lots of time to play now days. But in time I will learn a bit or two. Anyway… Check out what's new on Drupal on this great screencast, and also on their site as they have cool links on the drupal 6 release page that gives you an overview of the great feature of things you can do with D6. Too bad Views and CCK aren't ready yet. ^_______^; FYI: Upgrading from the RC to the final version took me like 2 minutes. That's upload > login > and ran update.php. It's easier then upgrading Windows! EDIT (Feb 28 2008): Just a couple hours ago version 6.1 comes out, this version will fix multiple cross site scripting vulnerabilities that is IMHO should have been given a Critical rating security risk. Anyway if you use it alraedy. Get your drupal 6.1 before someone does something nasty with your site. More on cross site scripting