The Great Firewall of Indonesia -- Edited 04/10/08

EDIT: Seems like the government officials had some common sense shoved up their a$$ all the way to their near empty heads. And decided to block only URLs which tops the search results for the movie Fitna.

  3. 1 399959
  4. Fitna_anti-islam_movie_by_ceert_Wilders

What the heck? Does it make any sense? No. Because there are tons of links for the movie out there. So why bother? Ow and by the way? And by the way those links listed doesn't work so no point on trying. Just google it if you are really that curious about the movie.

END OF EDIT.. and I hope this won't happen again. You may read the original post after the jump...

Drupal 6 Released!

Holy F**k! It's finally out! Drupal 6 is out! For me it's like having a new play thing. Too bad though… I don't have lots of time to play now days. But in time I will learn a bit or two.

Anyway… Check out what's new on Drupal on this great screencast, and also on their site as they have cool links on the drupal 6 release page that gives you an overview of the great feature of things you can do with D6.

Too bad Views and CCK aren't ready yet. ^_______^;

FYI: Upgrading from the RC to the final version took me like 2 minutes. That's upload > login > and ran update.php. It's easier then upgrading Windows!

EDIT (Feb 28 2008): Just a couple hours ago version 6.1 comes out, this version will fix multiple cross site scripting vulnerabilities that is IMHO should have been given a Critical rating security risk.

Anyway if you use it alraedy. Get your drupal 6.1 before someone does something nasty with your site. More on cross site scripting

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