Create Your Own CGI Proxy in 7 Easy Steps

Layereddemo is not active anymore so please refer to this post But you can still use this post as a how-to reference.

This is a step by step, and hopefully, foolproof DIY steps to create your own proxy so you can browse anonymously and/or bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions.

Create Your Own CGI Proxy to Bypass the Great Firewall of Indonesia

Just before I wrote the article entitled The Great Firewall of Indonesia one of my best friend called me asking if there's anything he could do to access Rapidshare because he owns an account, and there are immediate things that needs downloading. It was then I realized that the government is blocking some popular file sharing site due to the Fitna movie.


Apprently he already searched for solutions to circumvent internet censorship. And proxy was the thing most mentioned on forums. He asked if there's other ways because he is concerned with the safety of his paid Rapidshare account should he chooses to use public proxy servers. And when he told me that he has a paid hosting account that he only uses for e-mails an idea struck me like lightning. Now that is an exaggeration but what hit my mind was to use the web hosting account as a CGI proxy, so he have his own private proxy and use the proxy to browse RapidShare and other sites that our government decided to block.

Made it for him and it worked great.

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