Windows XP Service Pack 3 Build 5512

EDIT: the RTW is out you can get Windows XP Service Pack 3 here

First of all, the RTW schedule for XP SP 3 build 5512 aka "final" has been delayed from today to, don't know when, because of some issues with it's RMS users as stated on their forum here. But fret not, because as strange as it might seems XP SP 3 is available for download directly from their server here.

Adrenaline Junkie... Fly Our National Airlines

An intresting post on airline safety made by the International Herald Tribune today mentioned Indonesia. Should I be proud? No. Why? Simply said, we have bad airline safety practice. Regulations? I'm not aware of any flight safety regulations. But I'm sure we do have one. But like any other regulations here they are just... regulations. And it's the main reason I'm a bit worried every time my family member / close friends uses our national flights.

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