Secure Your Glype Proxy Installation

Recently there's an article about the insecurities of Glype proxy at Techworld and this site that shows why one should not use a public proxy. Because not only your data might be seen by the proxy owner, but if that perticular owner does not know how to secure his/her proxy, other people might also see the information of those people using his/her proxy.

Taking it Seriously: Social Networking and Security

Last week I was asked an interesting question that boggled my mind with the current state of social networking. And just last week Facebook decides to sell the information we share with them with Microsoft, Yelp and Pandora. Sure, social networking has gone from just a tool to meet friends through friends, to a necessity for some and a marketing ploy for companies to promote and communicate their products by giving them information that attracts the other party. But for someone with malicious intent this kind of information can be used against that very person and unfortunately enough the top social networking site, Facebook, is somehow making this all too easy.

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