The Great Firewall of Indonesia -- Edited 04/10/08

EDIT: Seems like the government officials had some common sense shoved up their a$$ all the way to their near empty heads. And decided to block only URLs which tops the search results for the movie Fitna.

  3. 1 399959
  4. Fitna_anti-islam_movie_by_ceert_Wilders

What the heck? Does it make any sense? No. Because there are tons of links for the movie out there. So why bother? Ow and by the way? And by the way those links listed doesn't work so no point on trying. Just google it if you are really that curious about the movie.

END OF EDIT.. and I hope this won't happen again. You may read the original post after the jump...

All right, the title doesn't make any sense, but so are the rest of the titles here. It's just that the Chinese government likes to censor things, that their internet is dubbed the Great firewall of China. Things that would not be appropriate for the people to read, hear or see, particularly the last one, namely pr0n, is a big no no, so it's block block chop chop for them.

So what does this have to do with Indonesia?

Seems like they are following the Chinese government footsteps. It all started with the ratification of the ridiculous UU-ITE which is supposedly our first law to govern the use of information technology. Created by some slime balls working for the government I suppose. There are lots of things that are TOTALLY unclear written there. You can compare the law with Swiss cheese, lots of holes there, and it stinks, but Swiss cheese at least is edible. Now fueled by fitna, a religion bashing movie, the government decided to block access to some major file and video sharing websites.

Now the question is how far would they go? I mean would they also block peer-to-peer sites because of that video or because of rampant adult material found on the p2p networks? Would they go as far as the Chinese government to stop their people from accessing "unsuitable materials"? I for one would like to see their effort and the economical impact of it, should they decide to that, and how would the internet users react. There is already an online petition made asking the Menkominfo to unblock access to youtube but I doubt they'll do anything even with it reaching millions of users.

Anyway it's a stupid move by our goverment, because there's a thing called web proxy. But that's another story. ^________________^