About This Site

Welcome to my Drupal 6.x site. Current theme is a modified version of the Skyliner by dvessel. CSS and XHTML code in photographs node was taken from Stu Nicholls' CSSplay, a great place to see experiments on CSS

Unlike other Drupal theme this one uses CSS and ECMAscript, often referred to as JavaScript or JScript.

I'll be using this site to blog some incoherent stuff that I think matters or at least interesting and host my HTML tutorial translations

About Me

I'm an Indonesian male. I love traveling, photography, technology related stuffs, games, music, movies, anime and their kin, and some other things that I, conveniently, can't remember right now. Very descriptive isn't it?

I also love taking pictures of clouds, and it happens that the title of this site is a taken after the name of my best friend.


To know more about me and the stuff I like, go to my Facebook account