Links to other good sites.

CSS Related Sites:

Where could you get good Webdesign Inspiration? Tons of sites. But Inspirational CSS sites? Only at CSS Zen Garden.

CSSPlay is a Site by Stu Nicholls and his wife demonstrating the various thing you could achieve with CSS. My Photographs gallery uses his code by the way.

World Wide Web Consortium or publicly known as the W3C, has a site that deals with CSS. Since the CSS itself was founded by their member. My Site is currently hosting all of the Bahasa Indonesia version of their CSS tutorial. When I have time I'll do the HTML tutorial too.

Friend's site:

Here are a list of my friend's website that I think are interesting enough.

Andosan's Photopics is my best friend's site which may interest you if you're into photography. I just dunno how he can turn a termite invested wood into something interesting, but damn do I get goosebumps every time I see this picture.

IdeBagus which generously hosted this site, is an Indonesian web hosting, and domain service provider and also does web design. Owned by my best friend.

Jerry Teo's My best friend website featuring his best technical illustration showcase. You should look at his dog illustration on the 2D section. Simply awesome, very life like.

More to come…