Drupal 6 Beta and RC News

The great Drupal community has managed to get Drupal 6.0 beta 3 released. So personally i think it won't be long before the final version is out. Yipee! Can wait for it.


Drupal 6.0 beta 4 released

Changes made since the release of Drupal 6.0 beta 3 include several multilingual support fixes, caching improvements, more clear help texts, drag and drop support for book outlines, user profile administration, taxonomy pages and file uploads, and fixes to node teaser generation. With the right to left version of the pushbutton theme, we also completed RTL support for all core themes. We have also hardened the security of the system, closing potential cross site scripting (XSS) and cross site request forgery (CSRF) security holes.

Thanks to all the drupal developers to throw out so many improvements and security updates. ^_________^

Another Update:

On the 20th of December Drupal has manage to get Drupal 6.0 RC1 out. I'll upgrade this site as soon as I have the time.

So we're definitely going to see the final version soon. ^________^

Yet Another Update:

This time it's Drupal 6.0 RC2 which was released on the 10th of January. Hopefully the final version will see the light of day soon. I'm getting tired of upgrading. Well… my fault for using it. :)