Create Your Own CGI Proxy in 7 Easy Steps

Layereddemo is not active anymore so please refer to this post But you can still use this post as a how-to reference.

This is a step by step, and hopefully, foolproof DIY steps to create your own proxy so you can browse anonymously and/or bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions.

Note: Replace username and password with the correct values.

  1. Register to create an account at remember to use valid e-mail account1
  2. When you complete the registration will get an e-mail containing your FTP details. The following information applies:
    • FTP hostname:
    • FTP username: username
    • FTP password: account password
    • FTP port: 21
  3. Type in on internet explorer or windows explorer
  4. Try using an FTP client to connect with the information sent on the e-mail if any error occurs on the previous step and if you still can't connect that mean that your internet connection is restricted, try this from home, or other place
  5. Download the latest glype2 and extract it
  6. Upload all files inside the upload folder until all the files are uploaded. Check if necessary
  7. Browse to and you are done

1 You can also search other free hosting site that does not mention anything about hosting proxy in their TOS by doing a google search like this one for example
2 Why Glype? Because it's fast and instead of using PHP fopen(), fwrite(), and fopen (), it uses cURL which most free web hosting company do not restrict.

Enjoy ^___________^