Adrenaline Junkie... Fly Our National Airlines

An intresting post on airline safety made by the International Herald Tribune today mentioned Indonesia. Should I be proud? No. Why? Simply said, we have bad airline safety practice. Regulations? I'm not aware of any flight safety regulations. But I'm sure we do have one. But like any other regulations here they are just... regulations. And it's the main reason I'm a bit worried every time my family member / close friends uses our national flights.

Below are some interesting quotes from the post

"After a series of accidents and mishaps, the European Commission in July banned all 51 airlines from Indonesia, which has an especially poor safety record. Indonesia's fleet joined a blacklist of more than 90 airlines that included carriers from Liberia, Iran and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The United States has warned citizens against flying on Indonesian airlines, but the country has no direct flights to the United States."

So 51 of 90 banned airlines come from our country. WOW! That's 56% of all banned airlines in the world. Somehow in my sick demented mind I would like to be proud of my country but seems like this one would not be a good reason.

"In Indonesia, regulators - in consultation with the FAA and other international safety bodies - seem to be aiming now for more stringency. Last month the country banned Adam Air, a low-cost carrier, from flying because of poor training of pilots and ground crews, and said it was passing new legislation related to airline safety."

So they took some action and banned Adam Air which should have been done years ago after the yet unsolved accident on Jan 1st 2007 and using more than 10 years old aircraft. New legislations on its way? Really? Call me a pessimist but I doubt it will work as it should as the corruption and poor management practice will continue as long as corruption that plagues the country runs rampant.

A collague of mine had this article on his blog entitled Fear of flying in Indonesia on the average year of the aircraft used by Indonesian Airlines. Read that and prepare to be surprised.

I hope you enjoy the adrenaline rush by using our airlines. Hey.. I think that should be the speech made after each take off made by the carriers here. ^___________^